About us


We are an online store based in Lantau, Hong Kong.  We are passionate about about the environment and reducing waste as well as providing economical benefits.  We are your one stop store in looking after your little ones’ bum with quality modern cloth diapers and accessories.


We have an extensive range of quality modern cloth diapers suited to your little ones’ needs.  Please contact us for any queries or help.




  • Environmental Impact

On average it takes ONE reusable diaper 250-500 years to break down.

On average a newborn baby will go through 12 reusable nappies a day.  That is an average of about 6000 diapers in 24 months. 


  • Chemicals

Disposable nappies have harmful chemicals and materials that some babies are very sensitive to and can cause a nappy rash.

Cloth diapers have natural fibers like bamboo and cotton that are breathable and friendlier to your baby’s bottom.


  • Savings

On average disposable nappies, depending on the brand, can cost about $150 for a pack of 40 nappies.  In your babies first year, you will use about 3000 diapers, that equates to about $11 000-$12 000 in their first year.

Reusable diapers depending on the type or full time nappy kit of 24 cloth diapers will cost between $2400-$5000


  • Cuteness and Easy to use

With plenty of prints and colours available your little one will be setting trends and matching outfits will be fun for all.

Modern cloth diapers are as easy to put on as disposable. 


  • Easier to Potty Train

Using cloth diapers may prompt your little one to potty train earlier as they wont have the same dry feeling as they do with the disposable diapers.