Care and Washing diapers


Machine Washing


Step 1


Place a pee nappy directly into your dry bucket.  Poop nappies (When baby is already on solids) – flush the solids down the toilet and then place it into the dry bucket.  EBF (exclusively breast fed) poop nappies can be placed directly into the dry bucket. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: A wet pail or soaking is not recommended as it causes deterioration of the nappy.

Nappy can be stored in the dry bucket for a maximum of 3 days.


Step 2


When it's washing day run a cold rinse and spin cycle or a short prewash without detergent to get rid of the urine.  For optimum agitation make sure your washing machine is ¾ full.


Step 3


Add regular washing detergent that does NOT contain fabric softener.  Run your wash cycle on a 30 degree celsius setting.


Step 4


Hang nappies to dry.  You can hang them outside or inside. 

Tip: To get rid of stains hang nappies out in the sun, the sun will help remove the stain.



Please Note

It is not advised to use bum creams when using cloth diapers.  Thick based bum creams can damage or clog the diaper.  Use a disposable liner if using bum creams or using a natural bum balm is advised.